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Noteworthy Link – Ernest Hemingway’s Birthplace and Museum

August 7, 2013 by
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Noteworthy Link
The Ernest Hemingway Birthplace and Museum, located in Illinois, is a must-visit location for Hemingway fans.  Hemingway spent the first six years of his life in the house.   Check the website for information about the museum and special events.  The September 29th event looks like fun.

Philip Greene, author of To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion, will present Hemingway’s affection for and writing about the art of the well-made drink. The Chicago Tribune called his book “a refreshing take on Hemingway. “  The book explores the drinks in Hemingway’s work, from the absinthe of For Whom the Bell Tolls to the Jack Rose of The Sun Also Rises.

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