John Galsworthy Quotes

John Galsworthy Quotes

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We Bob Up
The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy

“Nobody can spoil a life, my dear. That’s nonsense. Things happen, but we bob up.” ~ The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy

Seven Literary Quotes About History
History Quotes

Seven Quotes about History including: Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. ~ Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

7 Quotes About Gossip From Literature
Quotes About Gossip

“Gossip is never fatal, Georgie,” he said, “until it is denied.” and six more quotes about gossip from literature.

37 John Galsworthy Quotes

John Galsworthy

Beneath all manner of kindness and consideration for each other--for their good taste, at all events, had never given way--this tragedy of a woman, who wanted to be loved, slowly killing the power of loving her in the man, had gone on year after year. ~ Fraternity by John Galsworthy Hilary was no young person, like his niece or Martin, to whom everything seemed simple; nor was he an old person like their grandfather, for whom life had lost its complications. ~ Fraternity by John Galsworthy There is left in every man something of the primeval love of stalking. ~ Fraternity by John Galsworthy "The human heart," he murmured, "is the tomb of many feelings." ~ Fraternity by John Galsworthy "By love I mean the forgetfulness of self. Unions are frequent in which only the sexual instincts, or the remembrance of self, are roused---" ~ Fraternity by John Galsworthy The Rector of Worsted Skeynes was not tall, and his head had been rendered somewhat bald by thought. ~ The Country House by John Galsworthy "You want to build before you've laid your foundations," said Mr. Paramor. "You let your feelings carry you away, Vigil." ~ The Country House by John Galsworthy The talked-about is always the last to hear the talk. ~ Saint's Progress by John Galsworthy A marvellous speeder-up of Love is War. What might have taken six months, was thus accomplished in three weeks. ~ Saint's Progress by John Galsworthy Events are as much the parents of the future as they were the children of the past. ~ Saint's Progress by John Galsworthy

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