Between the Acts Quotes

Between the Acts Quotes by Virginia Woolf

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Quotes about Books from Literature – “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” said Jojen. “The man who never reads lives only one.” ~ George R. R. Martin 

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Today I added  new quotes to the collection.  Here are my favorites.  AND if you have a quote that you’d like to see added, feel free to contribute a quote. “Books are the mirrors of the soul.” ~ Between the Acts by Virginia Woolf Rigid, the

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They never pulled the curtains till it was too dark to see, nor shut the windows till it was too cold. Why shut out the day before it was over? The flowers were still bright; the birds chirped. You could see more in the evening often when nothing interrupted, when there was no fish to order, no telephone to answer. ~ Between the Acts by Virginia Woolf Music wakes us. Music makes us see the hidden, join the broken. ~ Between the Acts by Virginia Woolf "Books are the mirrors of the soul." ~ Between the Acts by Virginia Woolf

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