Lady Audley's Secret Quotes

Lady Audley's Secret Quotes by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

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Seven Facts about Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1835-1915) was a novelist in the Victorian era. Here are seven things you may not know about her.

Quote about Circumstantial Evidence
Mystery Quote

Don’t you think Conan Doyle would have loved this quote about circumstantial evidence?

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Phoebe Marks was a person who never lost her individuality. Silent and self-constrained, she seemed to hold herself within herself, and take no color from the outer world. Mary Elizabeth BraddonLady Audley's Secret
"My intellect is a little way upon the wrong side of that narrow boundary-line between sanity and insanity." Mary Elizabeth BraddonLady Audley's Secret
"Circumstantial evidence," continued the young man, as if he scarcely heard Lady Audley's interruption-"that wonderful fabric which is built out of straws collected at every point of the compass, and which is yet strong enough to hang a man." Mary Elizabeth BraddonLady Audley's Secret
There can be no reconciliation where there is no open warfare. There must be a battle, a brave, boisterous battle, with pennants waving and cannon roaring, before there can be peaceful treaties and enthusiastic shaking of hands. Mary Elizabeth BraddonLady Audley's Secret


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