The Battle of Life Quotes

The Battle of Life Quotes by Charles Dickens

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Five Scary Quotes from the Work of Charles Dickens
Scary Quotes from Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens (1812 to 1870) is possibly best known for A Christmas Carol. ¬†However that’s not his only work that features ghostly phrasings. ¬†Here are five quotes from other works to give you a pre-Halloween thrill. “I will die here Read More

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"There are quiet victories and struggles, great sacrifices of self, and noble acts of heroism, in it - even in many of its apparent lightnesses and contradictions - not the less difficult to achieve, because they have no earthly chronicle or audience - done every day in nooks and corners, and in little households, and in men's and women's hearts - any one of which might reconcile the sternest man to such a world, and fill him with belief and hope in it." ~ The Battle of Life by Charles Dickens "Yet not a hundred people in that battle knew for what they fought, or why; not a hundred of the inconsiderate rejoicers in the victory, why they rejoiced. Not half a hundred people were the better for the gain or loss. Not half-a-dozen men agree to this hour on the cause or merits; and nobody, in short, ever knew anything distinct about it, but the mourners of the slain. " ~ The Battle of Life by Charles Dickens "We part with tender relations stretching far behind us, that never can be exactly renewed, and with others dawning - yet before us." ~ The Battle of Life by Charles Dickens There was a frosty rime upon the trees, which, in the faint light of the clouded moon, hung upon the smaller branches like dead garlands. ~ The Battle of Life by Charles Dickens

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