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Book Quotes

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Books—the generous friends who met me without suspicion—the merciful masters who never used me ill! ~ Armadale by Wilkie Collins Each had his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by heart; and his friends could only read the title. ~ Jacob's Room by Virginia Woolf "The proper study of mankind is books." ~ Crome Yellow by Aldous Huxley "A book," I observed, "might be written on the Injustice of the Just." ~ Dolly Dialogues by Anthony Hope "Bell, book, and candle, shall not drive me back,
When gold and silver becks me to come on." ~ King John by William Shakespeare But Rosa soon made the discovery that Miss Twinkleton didn't read fairly. She cut the love-scenes, interpolated passages in praise of female celibacy, and was guilty of other glaring pious frauds. ~ The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens "There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts." ~ Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens "It's all very well to read about sorrows and imagine yourself living through them heroically, but it's not so nice when you really come to have them, is it?" ~ Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery I found Uriah reading a great fat book, with such demonstrative attention, that his lank forefinger followed up every line as he read, and made clammy tracks along the page (or so I fully believed) like a snail. ~ David Copperfield by Charles Dickens No one who can read, ever looks at a book, even unopened on a shelf, like one who cannot. ~ Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens

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