Communication Quotes

Communication Quotes

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It is well known to all experienced minds that our firmest convictions are often dependent on subtle impressions for which words are quite too coarse a medium. ~ Adam Bede by George Eliot "There's no pleasure i' living if you're to be corked up for ever, and only dribble your mind out by the sly, like a leaky barrel." ~ Adam Bede by George Eliot To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart. ~ Master Humphrey's Clock by Charles Dickens "Your voice and music are the same to me." ~ The Haunted Man by Charles Dickens Everybody said so. Far be it from me to assert that what everybody says must be true. Everybody is, often, as likely to be wrong as right. ~ The Haunted Man by Charles Dickens One can say everything best over a meal. ~ Adam Bede by George Eliot Leverage is everything,--was what I used to say;--don't begin to pry till you have got the long arm on your side. ~ Elsie Venner by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. He knew the lie of silence to be as evil as the lie of speech. ~ The Battle Of The Strong by Gilbert Parker "The real business of life is trying to understand each other." ~ Northern Lights by Gilbert Parker "There's no tongue that's so tied, when tying's needed, as the one that babbles most bewhiles. Babbling covers a lot of secrets." ~ Northern Lights by Gilbert Parker

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