Emotion Quotes

Emotion Quotes

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Seven Emotion Quotes from Literature
Emotion Quotes

But sleep, in the long run, proves greater than all emotions. ~ The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood…see more quotes about emotions

15 Emotion Quotes from Literature

Emotion Quotes

Reason is the first victim of strong emotion. ~ Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert They came to her, naturally, since she was a woman, all day long with this and that; one wanting this, another that; the children were growing up; she often felt she was nothing but a sponge sopped full of human emotions. ~ To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf But sleep, in the long run, proves greater than all emotions. ~ The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood A crowd, proportionately to its size, magnifies all that in its units pertains to the emotions, and diminishes all that in them pertains to thought. ~ Zuleika Dobson by Sir Max Beerbohm For who can wonder that man should feel a vague belief in tales of disembodied spirits wandering through those places which they once dearly affected, when he himself, scarcely less separated from his old world than they, is for ever lingering upon past emotions and bygone times, and hovering, the ghost of his former self, about the places and people that warmed his heart of old? ~ Master Humphrey's Clock by Charles Dickens It is in the nature of all passionate and uncontrolled emotion to prey upon and weaken the forces of reflective power, as much as it is in the nature of controlled emotion to strengthen them. ~ The True Story of Guenever by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps The human brain is capable of only one strong emotion at a time, and if it be filled with curiosity or scientific enthusiasm, there is no room for fear. ~ The Brown Hand by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle For it is the mind which creates the world about us, and, even though we stand side by side in the same meadow, my eyes will never see what is beheld by yours, my heart will never stir to the emotions with which yours is touched. ~ The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft by George Gissing I was discreet. I tried to curb my own emotions and to discourage hers. For my own part I fear that I betrayed myself, for the eye becomes more eloquent when the tongue is silent. ~ The Adventures of Gerard by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Even grief sobbed itself out in time; only Time was good for sorrow--Time who saw the passing of each mood, each emotion in turn; Time the layer-to-rest. ~ The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy

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