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10 Political Quotes from Literature
Political Quotes

A drunkard or a gambler may be weaned from his ways, but not a politician. ~ Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope And nine more quotes about politics…

26 Politics Quotes from Literature

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Your man with a thin skin, a vehement ambition, a scrupulous conscience, and a sanguine desire for rapid improvement, is never a happy, and seldom a fortunate politician. Anthony Trollope The Prime Minister
Often I must speak other than I think. That is called diplomacy. Frank Herbert Dune Messiah
The double pleasure of pulling down an opponent, and of raising oneself, is the charm of a politician's life. Anthony Trollope Phineas Redux
A drunkard or a gambler may be weaned from his ways, but not a politician. Anthony Trollope Phineas Redux
He, too, liked his party, and was fond of loyal men; but he had learned at last that all loyalty must be built on a basis of self-advantage. Patriotism may exist without it, but that which Erle called loyalty in politics was simply devotion to the side which a man conceives to be his side, and which he cannot leave without danger to himself. Anthony Trollope Phineas Redux
It is the necessary nature of a political party in this country to avoid, as long as it can be avoided, the consideration of any question which involves a great change. Anthony Trollope Phineas Redux
When a man gets into his head an idea that the public voice calls for him, it is astonishing how great becomes his trust in the wisdom of the public. Anthony Trollope Framley Parsonage
"Kings have no friends," Stannis said bluntly, "only subjects and enemies." George R. R. Martin A Clash of Kings
He was born to be a senator. He never said anything important, and he always said it sonorously. Sinclair Lewis Elmer Gantry
"There is no gambling like politics." Benjamin Disraeli Endymion

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