Press Quotes

Press Quotes

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7 Press Quotes from Literature

It takes very little fire to make a great deal of smoke nowadays, and notoriety is not real glory. ~ Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott When Wealth walks in the door, the Press Agent comes in through the window. ~ Knocking the Neighbors by George Ade Whatever may be said about the power of the press, it is undeniable that it can set the entire public thinking and talking about any topic. ~ That Fortune by Charles Dudley Warner "Journalists say a thing that they know isn't true, in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true." ~ The Title by Arnold Bennett "What a nice mob you press fellows are--wholesale scavengers!" ~ The Trespasser by Gilbert Parker In these days a man is nobody unless his biography is kept so far posted up that it may be ready for the national breakfast-table on the morning after his demise. ~ Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope "If you want to write good copy, you must be where the things are." ~ The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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