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Oscar Wilde

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QuoteAuthor Source
The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast. Oscar Wilde Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
"No, I am not at all cynical, I have merely got experience, which, however, is very much the same thing." Oscar Wilde Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
Early in life she had discovered the important truth that nothing looks so like innocence as an indiscretion; and by a series of reckless escapades, half of them quite harmless, she had acquired all the privileges of a personality. Oscar Wilde Lord Arthur Saviles Crime
"I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy." F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby
"I like people to have a little nonsense about them." Lucy Maud Montgomery Anne of the Island
"I wouldn't want to marry anybody who was wicked, but I think I'd like it if he could be wicked and wouldn't. " Lucy Maud Montgomery Anne of the Island
"I don't like irony," she said; "it indicates a small soul." Edgar Rice Burroughs The Land That Time Forgot
"I make no manner of doubt that you threw a very diamond of truth at me, though you see it hit me so directly in the face that it wasn't exactly appreciated, at first." Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin
"Holmes," said I as I stood one morning in our bow-window looking down the street, "here is a madman coming along. It seems rather sad that his relatives should allow him to come out alone." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet
"This looks like one of those unwelcome social summonses which call upon a man either to be bored or to lie." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor

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